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Our vision is for everyone in Westchester to live a full, healthy, and happy life free from the hardship of poverty.

914Cares works to ensure our neighbors in need are cared for by collaborating, supporting and providing resources to local organizations, educating the community about poverty and encouraging actionable generosity.

We carry out our primary mission by:

Distributing tangible resources

We distribute a diverse range of assistance packages and items to 95+ local organizations that work directly in their communities, so resources are distributed to the people who need them the most.

Impact: Our neighbors have immediate access to the essentials required to earn a living, succeed in school, provide for their children, and live in safety and with dignity.

Educating the community

914Cares strives to educate our community about poverty to galvanize compassionate action.

Impact: Poverty can’t be solved unless it’s acknowledged. An important part of our work is to expand awareness and inspire action. Our Programs, Drives and Events provide those that want to help the most impactful way to do so.

Engaging the next generation

We strive to both engage and motivate our next generation of committed action-takers, philanthropists, and community advocates.

Impact: We are nurturing a culture of generosity in action among our young people, positioning them to make change today, while preparing to become tomorrow’s leaders, donors, and social justice advocates.

Collaborating with Community Partners

914Cares seeks to form strategic partnerships to both strengthen their work and respond to unmet needs

Impact: Our relationship with Community Partners provides us with a comprehensive view of poverty in Westchester. This unique perspective enables us to fulfill needs quickly and efficiently, as well as acting as a resource for our partners.

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