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Developing strategic partnerships with 100 community organizations and a developing more holistic approach to poverty in Westchester, 914Cares has evolved for optimal impact.

Our beginning

914Cares was started when our founders became aware of people living in poverty right next door. Through their involvement with local organizations, the stark reality of how many of our neighbors were living in poverty was shocking. They saw an opportunity to make things better, and got to work.

Evolution to help more broadly and efficiently

We learned 1 in 4 local residents and 4 in 10 children are living in poverty today — our neighbors, in our community. The people we wanted to help went beyond simple statistics, they were individuals that deserved the same level of respect and dignity that we had for ourselves. Inspired by these experiences and our growing base of energetic supporters, we pushed ahead by:

  • Incrementally expanding from a Northern Westchester focus to a much broader effort that now involves 100 nonprofit partners all across our county.
  • Listening to our partner organizations, learning from them about what’s most needed, and responding to those needs quickly and efficiently.

Moving forward, we will continue to forge ahead, embodying what it means to be part of a community and what it means to care.

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