Thank you for requesting Bag(s) of Love with Kids’ Kloset!

In order to help you more efficiently, we have changed some of our procedures. Please read them carefully.
Order forms can also be downloaded here.
Please note we prefer orders are emailed at this time. We do not have a fax machine set up yet. If you have no access to email let us know.

Need a Kids’ Kloset Order Form?

Items Accepted By Kids’ Kloset

New underwear, all sizes (boys & girls)
Diapers and Pull-ups, all sizes – NEW but opened are accepted
Baby wipes – unopened only
New or gently used backpacks (boys & girls)
New or gently used sneakers, all sizes (boys & girls)
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Underwear – NEW ONLY
All sizes of diapers and Pull-ups – NEW but opened are accepted
Baby wipes
Socks – NEW ONLY except infant
Spring/Summer footwear – sneakers, winter boots, rain boots
Fall/Winter footwear – crocs, sandals, flip flops
Backpacks – NEW and gently used
School supplies – NEW ONLY (from August – October)

Short sleeve t-shirts
Long sleeve t-shirts
Long pants
Sweatshirts and sweaters
Girls dresses
Bathing suits (from March – August)
All baby clothing and bibs

Spring jackets (from March – August)
Winter/Fall coats (from August – March)
Winter accessories: hats, gloves, mittens, scarves (from August – March)

All sizes of diapers and Pull-ups – NEW but opened are accepted
Baby wipes
Diaper bags
Baby bathtubs
All baby clothing
Crib sheets
Baby towels

Used underwear and socks
Breast pumps
Baby safety devices for baby proofing

If you previously placed an order on the old form or directly via email and your clients are still in need of summer clothing, please RESUBMIT the order on the new form (link below). We will do our best to accommodate these quickly. We are unable to fill any previously emailed orders unless they are resubmitted. Sorry for any inconvenience during our transition. We are working to make the process easier and more efficient for all. Thank you for your patience.

1. Order Form Instructions

  • The form must be filled out by the community partner/professional, NOT a parent or guardian.
  • Each order must be filled in completely. If information is missing, the order will be delayed.
  • Please circle either child (youth) OR teen (adult) size on each request This will help us pack appropriately and understand if a child is wearing adult/teen sizes.
  • If available, please include additional information such as color preference, team preference, child’s height, etc. We will do our best to fulfill these special requests.

*PLEASE BE patient with us. We hope to start packing orders next Wednesday, August 8th. We are accepting Summer orders now. If you would like to submit BACK TO SCHOOL orders now. Please write “BACK TO SCHOOL” on top. We will begin packing for Back to school mid to later August. If your request does NOT say “BACK TO SCHOOL” then summer clothing will be packed.

2. Kids’ Kloset Order Request Pick Up Information

  • You will be notified as soon as your requests are packed and ready. It takes approximately 10 days to 2 weeks during our regular season and upwards of 3 weeks during a busy season.
  • If your order is urgent (emergency orders can include: fire victims, domestic violence victim recently placed in a shelter, children not going to school due to lack of appropriate clothing, etc.) Please write URGENT at the top with brief information. We will do our best to accommodate `this quickly.
  • Orders MUST be picked up within two weeks of notification that it is ready at Kids’ Kloset. After 2 weeks, these Bags of Love will be distributed to the next children on the list matching the sizes.
  • Order MUST be picked up by a community partner/professional, NOT a parent or guardian.

3. Coming in to Pack “Bags of Love” for Your Clients

  • If YOU need or like to pack orders for your clients, you MUST make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance and your request needs to be confirmed by Kids’ Kloset.
  • If you are coming to pick up an order and have new orders to pack yourself, please make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance and have the request confirmed by Kids’ Kloset. This allows us to have enough volunteers on hand and space available to facilitate the packing.
  • Community partners are welcome to pack but we ask that you do NOT bring the parent/guardian with you while picking up or packing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kids’ Kloset at any time