Donation Drives is a (914) Cares program that helps individuals and groups coordinate and manage collection drives for those in need.

“Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference”

Donation Drives are easy to do, just follow six easy steps:

  1. Pick type of Drive
  2. Select Drive Dates
  3. Select Location of the Drive
  4. Promote the Drive
  5. Set a Goal
  6. Collect, Sort and Deliver Donations
The most important step is to HAVE FUN
and know that you are doing good!!

Our How To Guide

There are so many options to choose from! But, choose the one that is the most meaningful for you or give us a call and we will let you know what is most needed at that time.
Will this Drive happen over a period of time or on one specific day? Do you want to leave a collection box out for people to put items in or have one event where people bring items to you?
People can drop off items to you, leave in collection boxes, have a “Pick Me Up Day” or you can have them shipped directly to (914) Cares – there are many options!
Publicity is the key to a successful Drive. Include Drive info in your invite, create your own Facebook page, put posters up at school/work, send an informational email to your contact list and promote over all other Social Media platforms. There are lots of ways to promote your Drive and make it a success!
No matter how big or how small, Donation Drives will help someone in need. Setting a goal helps to motivate you and those helping you!
How you collect and sort the goods donated depends on what type of drive you have and if it occurs over a period of time or one day. Make sure to count up everything collected to see if you reached your goal!
Contact us directly to help facilitate the delivery.